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 Is plastic cutting board safe for daily use?
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    Is plastic cutting board safe for daily use?

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    Plastic Cutting Boards is safer?

    There are many debates that whether plastic cutting board is safer than wood cutting board or not, study from university of California Davis and the Hospitality Institute of Technology and Management state that there is no clear evidence proving plastic board are safer than wood or bamboo board. The study shows that it seems to agree on that plastic cutting boards can be more safer if the board can be properly sanitized and maintained. Here are some sugguestion for using cutting board in more safety way.

    The Basics advantage
    Plastic cutting board are more flat and smooth, they are not porous, so that means any bacteria or germs from food will stay on the board’s surface.
    If we can use some sanitizes to clean and kill them immediately, the board can be maintain in safety. By the way, some Plastic cutting board made of antibacterial material when manufacturer made injection, this kind of antibacterial additives can also help us kill the bacteria automatically.
    Cleaning Cutting Board
    Remember to wash cutting board thoroughly with soap and hot water after you use it, we can choose some anti-bacteria dish soap of other antimicrobial detergents. If the cutting board used for multiple foods, washing the board to avoid cross contamination and dry it. As the cutting board gets scarred by knife cuts, it will become harder to clean. To kill bacteria that might have seeped into the board’s cuts, soak the board in hot water with soap for a few minutes. This will allow the water and soap seep into the cracks and kill bacteria below the surface. Most plastic cutting boards are dishwasher safe. Washing your cutting board in the dishwasher will also kill germs below the surface.

    When Shall We Replace Cutting Board
    A cutting board that has a stained, fuzzy look needs to be replaced. You may notice that knife scars on the board’s surface look brown or black. Or that the places with the most knife marks no longer look clean after washing. These are signs that the cutting board needs to be replaced.

    Replacing Your Cutting Board
    Plastic cutting boards can be replaced easily and with minimal expense. When choosing a cutting board, keep in mind its intended uses. You may want to consider something thicker for cutting meat and something thinner for produce.

    How Many Piece of Cutting Boards is necessary?
    This is according to the works that you regularly do with multiple foods, if you normally work for only one food or two, you may buy one or two cutting board, this can minimize the possibility of cross contamination as well as cleaning up time,  since each board only be used for certain food, they can be cleaned at once when you are done preparing foods.

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