Special supplier and customer always know, Cutting board made of Plastic PP and TPR is hardly to pass the LFGB test, but customer always need this kind of certificate, otherwise, they can not buy or sell in local market.
LFGB test is a kind of food safety test, if suppliers export cargo to Germany or other European places, LFGB certificate is must, what is LFGB test, please see here

Which factors will effect the test result.
1, The Injection temperature, this is also very import, if the injection machine temperature is too higher, TPR material numerator is more active, we suggest controling the temperature under 40°C

2, Do not use toxic liquid clearing the cutting board, some liquid contains substance which LFGB test can not accept, if we use this kind of liquid, it gonna be failed. we’d beeter use ethanol cleaning if needed.

3, Choose qualified Test institution to do the test, such as TUV, BV and etc.. they know the LFGB rules better than other small test laboratory, For example, TUV will use acetic / ethanol / isooctane simulate the real environment, to make sure the test is more closed to our daily life..so the result will be more believable.

Some other Laboratory, they do not know how to do the test, they will ask customer to advise them the test mothod and test hours, the result gonna be un-correct, normally, the result will be failed from their report.

food simulant  test duration / temperature
3% acetic acid  2 h / 70C
95% ethanol*  2 h / 60C
Isooctane*  0.5 h / 40C

Thus, if we do want to pass LFGB food grade test, make sure we can control and follow instruction as above, hope all of our products can be qualified for LFGB certificates.