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 Remove Odor from the Cutting Board
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    Remove Odor from the Cutting Board

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    When we used the cutting board for a little bit longer time, for cutting vegetables, fruits, raw meat or fish, it is quite often to see there is a smell on the board, it is not easy to eradicate this smell with a simple sash. indeed, this kind of aroma might seem to have become a permanent substance to cutting board, there is a way to remove it, however, and this method won’t cause us more cost or buy extra products, it is all natural.


    1, use a measuring cup and fill it halfway with white distilled vinegar.

    2, mixed the remaining half of the measuring cup with water.

    3, Pour the mixture into a spray bottle, then shake the bottle vigorously. Water and vinegar don’t like to be mixed, so shake well.

    4, Spray the cutting board generously, especially the areas that are most used. do not forget the juice groove, this part also easily gather bad smell

    5, Let the cutting board and the mixture stay on board for at least half an hour. This will allow the mixture to penetrate and permeate the top of the board, eliminating the stubborn odor.