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 Index Cutting Boards - Cutting board
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    Index Cutting Boards - Cutting board

    It's all very well chopping up food on some celebrity-endorsed bish bash bosh cutting board. But unless you've got a penchant for garlic-tinged desserts and fishy fruit salads, these classic wooden blocks are really rather rubbish. So sharpen your knives, put on your apron, tip your big white hat and yell 'Yes chef!' to Index Cutting Boards. 

    Index Chopping Boards
    Stylish non-slip ABS case
    Housed in a sleek, non-slip ABS storage case, these colour-coded chopping boards feature illustrated tabs to show which board should be used with which food type (vegetables, fish, raw meat and cooked food). This means you'll never have to worry about oniony apple pie or cross-contaminated ratatouille. Plus you needn't scrub your chopping board every time you switch food type. Genius. 

    Index Chopping Boards
    Cooked Foods
    Raw Meats

    Index Chopping Boards
    A must in every designer home
    As well as helping to expel bacteria from your cooking, Index Chopping Boards will add a stylish splash of colour to any kitchen. What's more each super-practical slice of polypropylene is dishwasher safe and seriously durable. They make bulky wooden blocks seem as outmoded as vol au vents, scotch eggs and Black Forest gateau. 

    With a set of Indexes on your work surface you'll wonder what you ever saw in smelly old wooden boards. And the filing system-style case is so smart you'll want keep it on display the whole time. So don't delay, chop chop and get ordering. As Gordon Ramsay would (never) say, Index Chopping Boards are the dog's flippin' doodahs, big boy! 

    New Index Plus Chopping Board:
    Index Chopping Boards
    New Index Chopping Board Plus
    Now with knives!
    If you like the cut of the Indexes, wait until you get chopping with this deluxe set because it includes a full set of high quality knives, each one colour-coded to correspond with a different board. With a set up like this cross-contamination is virtually impossible. 
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