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 How to use cutting board longer time
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    How to use cutting board longer time

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    1 Separate raw and cooked: Because lettuce has more bacteria and parasite eggs, therefore, inevitably be contaminated cutting board, then such a cutting board if cutting cooked food, will make the cooked food contamination. It's better to prepare two cutting board.

    (2) clean: cutting board after use, with a hard scrubbing brush and water to scrub, wash the dirt along with wood chips. If you leave the fish, meat flavor, can be dissolved salt Wash rice water or detergent behind the scrubbing, then use warm water. Do not scalded with boiling water, because the meat proteins left in the menu board, when heated, the freezing up, easy to clean. Washed put up to dry.
    Cutting board with a period of time, can be used a kitchen knife scraping the wood board about food, or woodworking plane planing, the cutting board thoroughly remove dirt and cutting board can maintain a smooth, easy to use.

    [1] is generally a wooden cutting board, wooden cutting board as a patchwork or moth holes, easy to breed bacteria, so frequent washing or use of open irrigated soup, to keep the cutting board clean.

    [2] the hot humid summer due to air, cutting board is easy to mildew, so every time run out cutting board, the application of clean cloth to wipe, to stand placed in a ventilated place to dry;
    [3] If the cutting board is raw old mold, cutting board can be put on the Tao Mishui or detergent such as scrub, and then washed with water, stand on the ventilation to dry, but do not easily put wet cutting board following exposure to sunlight to prevent the deformation, which might affect use.

    Cutting board, processed vegetables, meat and other food places, the use of a chopping board.
    Cutting board is required for each family, each restaurant is the hotel to be used.
    Cutting board brings a wide range, there is bamboo, with oak and so on.
    Smooth and durable bamboo cutting board is not deformed ideal family hotel bamboo cutting board off quite heavier, bamboo bamboo residue will not fall hard, smooth and delicate look clean and fresh bamboo is not vulnerable to other colors, and different breeding ground for bacteria. Is a good choice for a good home.