Plastic cutting board is one of the surfaces in a kitchen that can build up bacteria. You use a cutting board for cutting up meat, vegetables, fishes and fruits. This can cause bacteria to build up on your chopping board, especially if you don’t clean your cutting board oftentimes.
Even though you wash your cutting board as soon as you can after you use it, it still can get dirty with microbes and bacteria. whatever your chopping board is made of wood, plastic, glass or some other material it can be contaminated with unhealthy bacteria.but of cause, if you use antibacterial cutting board which is made of plastic, this chopping boards is with antibacterial additives, which can be effectively prevent bacteria from growth.

Sanitizing a chopping board is essential for good health and also keep food safe for consumption. It is easy to sanitize your cutting board and should be done often. Wooden cutting boards are more crucial to sanitize because germs can gather easier on them than other types of cutting boards. To sanitize a cutting board what all you need to do is some vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and some paper towels. All of these items are easy to find and inexpensive, make sure you will dry up the wooden cutting boards in a ventilated places.

To sanitize the cutting board make sure the cutting board is clean to start out, in other words don’t try to sanitize a cutting board that is grimy with food wash it in hot soapy water first. Then take some vinegar and soak a paper towel in the vinegar. Wipe down the cutting board with the vinegar soaked paper towel.

Afterward you have wiped the cutting board with vinegar then take some hydrogen peroxide soaked in a paper towel and wipe the cutting board with the hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide that you wipe on the cutting board will kill the bacteria on the chopping board. After you wipe the cutting board with the hydrogen peroxide then wash and rinse the cutting board as you commonly do.

Sanitizing a cutting board with hydrogen peroxide is quick and easy. It’s very efficient since hydrogen peroxide does not cost more money. Hydrogen peroxide is a good sanitizer that is used to sanitize wounds so it is safe to use on a chopping board.

each time you use your cutting board to cut meat or fishes, it is a good way to take a minute and then sanitize your cutting board. With all the germs in the world it is well worth the time it takes to sanitize your cutting board.

Having a good way sanitized cutting board is an easy way to help keep you and your family safe from illnesses that are caused by germs and bacteria.

Hydrogen peroxide is such a good sanitizer it is a good idea to keep some on hand all the time. It is safe to use and economical to buy. It is not a risky chemical and hydrogen peroxide has many uses. You could say it is a natural safe way to sanitize a cutting board.

In other way, do not forget to chooose a better cutting board, which is better in prevent bacteria, some stores sell antibacterial chopping boards, it is not only easily for sanitize, but also keep bacteria from breeding ground, so this kind of chopping board may be a good choice.