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 How to choose proper cutting board
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    How to choose proper cutting board

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    In the market, there are many kinds of cutting board, they are in different material, such as wood, plastic, bamboo, glass or etc.. they are also in different sizes and functions, so we have a number of things to consider before we choose the cutting board. This article will help you choose the proper board.

    Which Material of Board Should I Choose?
    Normally, people like to use wood, plastic or glass board as cutting tooling. but different chopping board may be suitable for different foodstuff, in order to answer this question, you need to consider what the board is to be used, and how often you will use it/them, different purposes choose different boards, some are better than others when you use for certain purposes. here are some proposal for your reference.

    End Grain Wooden Boards:
    This is the top of the line in wood cutting boards. Grain endelig means that individual wooden tables are arranged so that the wood grain runs vertically (up and down). Therefore, one end of each panel is positioned such that the cutting surface is actually endelig of many individual pieces of hardwood. Grain with a board endelig, when the knife meets the surface during cutting, the wood grain adskillelse actually. then closes when the blade is removed. So are ingen cut the wood itself, but the Court between the fibers that is kinder to the knife edge. These kinds of board can persist for using longer time, also because of beautiful appearance, it makes our kitchen more attractive.

    Flat Grain Cutting Boards:
    This type of cutting board with wooden planks arranged horizontally so that the edges of the plates forming the cutting surface. In general, these tips are reversible, so you can extend the life of the card with both sides. Unlike grain boards, however, the knife cuts to scare lead in wood. Never the less, these type of cutting boards are the most popular due to their great value. another reason for this is that are much easier to manufacture.

    Plastic Cutting Boards:
    Plastic Chopping board are usually made of polythenelene, such as PE or PP cutting boards. its major advantage is ease to cleaning after you use it, they are also dishwasher safe. besides that, you can choose different colors for different foods, for example, you can choose red and black color for raw material, while green and white board normally be used for vegetables and fruit. Because of the softer surface of plastic boards, it would’t dull the knives.

    Glass Cutting Boards
    Glass boards are Glass boards are quite hard on its surface. This is because the glass is used as the hard steel knife thinner. Knives have experienced tooth chip or even rolling when used for cutting glass. In addition, cracked or chipped glass, it is possible to get in your food. The advantage of glass is easy to clean. They are machine washable. I hope this will give you the information you need. A cutting board, choose the offer that suits you.

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